Who is Xaris?

“Xaris is an eighteen seat old folksinger born in the panhandle of Florida, now based out of Memphis, TN (since August 2018). Xaris picked up a guitar for the first time at the young age of eight. She started writing songs not long aster that. People call Xaris an old soul because her love for folk songs started in only junior high with her first “Peter, Paul, and Mary” album; looking up to groups from the folk revolution of the 1960s and traditional American folk ballads of the late 1800s. Xaris mostly performs solo, just a young girl and her guitar playing a mix of traditional folk songs and original tunes. People have compared her voice to Allison Krauss, Abigail Washburn, and Joni Mitchell. Adam Levine compared Xaris to Dolly Parton during her time on NBC’s “The Voice” season 13 in 2017. Since “The Voice” Xaris has been traveling, touring the country (prominently the midwest) solo, playing festivals and small venues, clubs, and listening rooms. Traveling and playing music is Xaris’s biggest dream, next to keeping traditional folk music alive. She hopes to share love through music with everyone she meets.”


Connect with Xaris

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